A Focus on Impact in February

Two highly engaging networking events took place in February which provided opportunities for discussions on the topic of impact in teaching and learning in higher education. Today, 25 February, teams funded through the 2018 Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund, representing 17 higher education institutions, met to reflect on the impact their work had had to…

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March 2021

Curation and Co-construction of digital stories in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) Higher Education

Learning Objectives • To enhance understanding of the use of digital technologies in teaching learning particularly in the context of teaching ECEC professional practice • To share innovation in learning, teaching and assessment with a focus on using digital stories in the context of ECEC practice

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05 March 2021

Moving online: Students’ and Faculties’ Experiences and Challenges During COVID-19

Learning Objectives • Understand both domestic and international students’ virtual learning experience during Covid-19 pandemic • Reflect on strategies on virtual teaching, in particular, content, delivery and communication based on challenges encountered by students while learning virtually during the pandemic • Understand the benefits and challenges faculty encountered when moving their teaching online • Reflect…

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08 March 2021

The Role of Computer Science Support Centres

Learning Objectives • Knowledge sharing between support centre coordinators and other educators • Discussion of best practices in support centres, so that each individual centre can gain new ideas to further their success • Encouragement for the creation of additional support centres in institutions who do not currently have one, and to encourage redevelopment of…

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09 March 2021

Using mobile technologies to enhance collaborative teaching and learning

Learning Objectives • Demonstrate understanding of the theory and practice related to the use of mobile technology in blended higher education • Demonstrate awareness of the potential benefits and challenges of implementing mobile technology learning tools in different educational contexts • Evaluate the frameworks, processes and implementations presented • Apply these insights to one’s own…

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09 March 2021

MoodleMunch Buffet: Developing Digital Competences

Learning Objectives • Understand the broad structure of the European Framework for the Digital Competence of Educators • Identify specific competences in different areas of the framework that you wish to develop • Appraise the suitability of Moodle approaches and plugins that help develop specific competences • Connect with fellow Moodle users and help form…

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09 March 2021

Remote Mini Ed-Hackathon

Learning Objectives • Identify digital technologies that can enhance learning and the student experience • Implement a challenge-based approach such as an educational hackathon in their module delivery • Critically consider the factors that promote remote engagement and learning

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09 March 2021

MoodleMunch Lunchtime Webinar Series

Lunchtime webinar series showcasing digital learning and teaching practices Serving you the second course MoodleMunch returns in late 2020 serving you a second course of delicious tips, fulfilling insights, meaty case studies, nutritious good practices and more. Series 2 schedule (2020/2021) Tuesday 9 March 2021 12:00-14:30 (approx) (Timezone: Dublin/Europe) MoodleMunch Buffet Develop digital competences  …

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10 March 2021

Supporting Students with Neurological Differences

Griffith College

Learning Objectives • Support diverse cohorts of students better using practical strategies • Discuss learning challenges associated with neurological differences such as ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia • Explore strategies based on neurodiversity • Plan to use strategies to encourage student success for all students *This event was deferred from the 2019/20 National Seminar Series

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11 March 2021

Students as Partners in Assessment

Learning Objectives • Describe and understand the concept of student partnership • Identify approaches and strategies to foster student partnership when it comes to assessment • Analyse student perspectives and issues in the context of student partnership • Plan and implement practical steps to begin fostering student partnership in assessment

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Creating Learning Analytics to Understand and Describe Student Activity

Learning Objectives • Explore what student engagement information is available within the VLE (Moodle) and how it may be accessed • Become aware of the requirements for effective data collection to allow real time dashboarding of student data • Transform student engagement data into descriptive statistics to explore student behaviour for optimisation of course design…

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