The national learning impact awards aim to support sectoral and institutional efforts to promote, learn from and extend the reach of excellent practice in teaching and learning across Irish higher education. The three learning impact awards are Teaching Hero Awards, Teaching and Learning Research Fellowships, and Delta Awards; following a review of all Learning Impact Awards in 2019, it was agreed to evolve the National Forum Teaching Expert Awards into Teaching and Learning Research Fellowships. Recipients of these awards are invited to join Íontas, Ireland’s national alliance of teaching and learning awardees.

Teaching and Learning Research Fellowships

Ireland’s most prestigious national individual teaching and learning awards in higher education

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Celebrating excellence in teaching and learning within the disciplines and commitment to an ongoing, clearly articulated, shared process of continued enhancement

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Teaching Hero Awards

Celebrating outstanding teaching that has been recognised by students as enhancing their learning

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Ireland’s national association for awardees of teaching excellence in higher education.