Strategic Alignment of Teaching and Learning Enhancement Funding in Higher Education 2022/23

SATLE – the Strategic Alignment of Teaching and Learning Enhancement Funding in Higher Education – is a €6.4m funding allocation administered by the National Forum in partnership with the Higher Education Authority to drive teaching and learning innovation and enhancement across the higher education sector.

The 2022-2023 allocation is made up of a share of €5m base funding and an additional one-off 2022 addition, bringing the total fund to €6.4m.

The funding will focus on innovations in education for sustainable development, digital transformation and academic integrity.

This SATLE 2022-23 fund is designed to drive teaching and learning innovation across the higher education sector, with a focus on:

The Second National Strategy on Education for Sustainable Development to 2030 (DFHERIS/DoE/DCEDIY) is aligned with the pillars of the UNESCO ESD Framework to 2030, which aims to transform learning environments across all levels,  making them more inclusive and sustainable. It also embeds opportunities for collaboration and peer learning on ESD, with a particular focus on transformative pedagogies, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches.

Digital transformation in the tertiary sector leverages learning from Next Steps for Teaching and Learning: Moving Forward Together and supports the development of institutional policies for digital and open teaching and learning, including online, blended and face to face modes of learning (see Guide to Developing Enabling Policies for Digital and Open Teaching and Learning).

Best practice in upholding and cultivating academic integrity looks at effective engagement with the challenges presented by academic misconduct, embedding a culture of academic integrity among providers, develops national resources and tools for providers to address the challenges and supports and engages with the National Academic Integrity Network (NAIN).

This allocation is designed to form a coherent basis to drive teaching and learning innovation and enhancement across the higher education sector, bringing together teaching and learning expertise, institutional priorities and dedicated funding through the recurrent grant allocation, to support strategic alignment. This fund complements and supports previous investments made in this area under the annual Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund 2014-18, the Innovation and Transformation Fund 2018, the SATLE Fund 2019, Pillar 3 of the Human Capital Initiative 2020 and the SATLE fund 2020.

As a further part of this process the HEA and National Forum are aligning former funding streams under the SATLE from June 2022 onwards. The funding allocation now includes an allocation in respect of local HEI calls for national seminars, conference supports aligned with the themes above, and to be managed by and reported on by HEIs. The Forum and HEA will continue to promote these activities at a national level by communicating on events and disseminating outputs.

Cross institutional collaboration between higher education institutions is particularly encouraged. In keeping with the open and shared approach taken by the National Forum to date, the inclusion of participants from the private higher education and further education sectors in projects and networks will be welcome.

Key Dates

Funding allocation August 2022
Institutional leads identified 09 September 2022
Reporting requirements, templates and budget template issued by National Forum/HEA 30 September 2022
Submission deadline for initial report 31 January 2023
Final reports (including financial reports) submitted to the National Forum/HEA 16 February 2024


All queries relating to this allocation should be forwarded to