The National Seminar Series gives those working in higher education the opportunity to connect with colleagues and to focus on shared interests in both the research and practice of teaching and learning enhancement. The series also creates opportunities to hear from national and international experts in different areas of teaching and learning.

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A document containing the full list of funded seminars can be viewed here. This document was finalised on 24 September 2021. Any changes made after that date will only be reflected in the list below.

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The National Seminar Series 2021/22 has four themes:

Supporting institutions to implement the National Professional Development Framework for All Staff Who Teach in Higher Education is a key initiative of the National Forum which is supported by associated resources for professional development, including open-access professional development short courses though

This funding stream supports the implementation of the Professional Development Framework across Irish higher education. It will support seminars that enable:

  • middle and senior management to become familiar with the professional development framework to make informed, forward-thinking decisions about teaching and learning in their institutions.
  • discipline/programme teams to use the Framework to identify professional development needs and goals to develop staff capacity for change.
  • HR departments and staff development units to make connections between broader staff development initiatives, and teaching and learning enhancement activities
  • HE colleagues and professional bodies to identify and explore the synergies between their respective professional development frameworks
  • networking and peer learning opportunities guided by the Framework for those who are engaged in their own professional development.
  • delivery of professional development short courses leading to National Forum digital badges. Please check to view all available courses

This funding stream aims to support those who learn, teach, and support learning to consider the potential of digital technologies with the goal of enhancing learning, teaching, and overall digital capability. It will support seminars that:

  • enhance understanding of how staff and students are currently engaging with digital technologies, as well as their needs and concerns.
  • share innovation in learning, teaching and assessment with a focus on using technology to maximize learning impact.
  • support conversations around policy development in an open digital world.

Recognising that disciplines are a key unit of change in higher education, this funding stream focuses on disciplinary excellence in learning, teaching and assessment (DELTA). It will support seminars focused on one or more of the five elements of the National Forum DELTA Framework. The Framework aims to help heads and leaders of disciplinary units to capture, articulate and support teaching and learning enhancement plans through:

  • strategy and capacity building
  • learning design
  • teaching and learning practice
  • assessment of/for/as learning
  • evidence-based approaches

This funding stream provides the opportunity for higher education institutions, their schools and/or departments (academic or service) to discuss how the national understanding of student success can supported within their context and to share good practice within and between institutions. It will support seminars that:

  • foster dialogue across the sector regarding what constitutes student success in different contexts, for different student groups, and at different times in students’ learning journeys.
  • explore how to embrace student engagement in the articulation and realisation of student success.
  • share lessons learned on how data can be used to support student success.
  • explore innovation in learning, teaching and assessment approaches to support student success.
  • consider how institutions can be supported in the development of strategies for student success.