The Disciplinary Excellence in Learning, Teaching and Assessment (DELTA) Award

The Disciplinary Excellence in Learning, Teaching and Assessment (DELTA) Award is presented to discipline groups who can demonstrate a record of excellence in teaching and learning enhancement and who commit to an ongoing, clearly articulated, shared process of continued enhancement. The DELTA Award is the only team award in the national learning impact awards. The DELTA Award process aims to facilitate recognition at a discipline level and to bring good practice to a wider audience, as an essential part of valuing teaching and learning within higher education communities.

The DELTA Award at a glance

  • The DELTA Awards are for disciplinary teams
  • The DELTA Award process involves four stages which are outlined in the DELTA Award interface
  • All applications will be considered by a review panel of experts including student representation
  • There is no limit on the number of teams that can receive an Award in any given round; all teams who are found by the panel to fulfil the criteria will be deemed eligible for the DELTA Award
  • Applications for the Award can be submitted at two collection points in any one year:
    • 20 June with decision by 1 November of the same year
    • 1 December with decision by 31 March of the following year

Applying for the DELTA Award

Whether you would like to apply for a DELTA Award for the first time or renew an existing DELTA Award, there are a number of steps:

If applying for the first time

1. Complete an intention to submit form

2. Work as a team to take stock and agree enhancement focus for next three years

3. Submit full application

All new applications are reviewed by an international review panel.

If renewing an existing DELTA Award

1. Review progress and decide future focus for enhancement

2. Complete an intention to submit form

3. Complete renewal application form

A random selection of renewal applications are reviewed by an international panel.

Intention to Submit Collection Point Notification
1 December 20 June 1 November (same year)
1 June 1 December 31 March (following year)

All queries related to the DELTA Award should be send to  Queries will generally be answered within two working days.

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