Inaugural DELTA Awardees Announced

Press Release INAUGURAL DELTA AWARDEES ANNOUNCED Disciplinary Excellence in Learning, Teaching and Assessment Awards 2018 Eleven projects from seven higher level institutions were announced as Awardees at the inaugural DELTA (Disciplinary Excellence in Learning, Teaching and Assessment) awards in Dublin this evening (Wednesday 21st March).  The awards were presented by the Minister for Higher Education,…

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Minister for Higher Education Announces Shortlist for Inaugural DELTA Awards 2018

PRESS RELEASE Minister for Higher Education Announces Shortlist for Inaugural DELTA Awards 2018. Disciplinary Excellence in Learning Teaching and Assessment Awards 2018 The Minister for Higher Education, Mary Mitchell O’Connor, T.D., today (Thursday 8 March 2018) announced the shortlist for the inaugural DELTA Awards 2018.  The DELTA awards (Disciplinary Excellence in Learning Teaching and Assessment)…

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January 2019
18 January 2019

Student orientation: How innovative practices can improve outcomes for incoming students

Learning Outcomes: How to measure Orientation outcomes effectively How technology may be used to effectively communicate and manage Orientation programmes How to use technology / VLEs in an innovative way to improve Orientation outcomes How to incorporate community engagement activities effectively into student Orientation How extended orientation programmes may be used to enhance the initial…

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18 January 2019

Digital pathways into learning languages

Learning Outcomes: To highlight the need for a change in mindset at institutional policy level in the IoT sector To establish a Community of Practice among language experts across the IoT sector To explore the potential of digital learning platforms in overcoming curricular and timetabling obstacles To persuade language lecturers of the pedagogical benefits of…

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23 January 2019

Evidencing teaching achievements effectively

Learning Outcomes: To be able to identify and gather appropriate evidence for teaching achievements To appreciate your own key achievements in teaching and supporting learning, including recognising where you have exercised leadership To be able to present a teaching achievement effectively in a teaching portfolio  

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25 January 2019

Are we ready? Making the shift from delivering the content to being facilitators of learning

Learning Outcomes: Participants will be enabled to: Appraise the reality of the learning contexts for students as they move from postprimary to third level Reflect on their role as HEI lecturers in making the shift from imparting content through lecture delivery to being facilitators of learning in a student-centered dynamic learning environment Contribute to a…

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29 January 2019

The Visitor and Resident Framework as a tool for professional development

Learning Outcomes: Participants will be introduced to the concept of the Vistor and Resident (VanR) map Appreciate the ways that the VandR map can be employed as a professional development tool regarding digital literacy Develop familiarity with existing VandR resources that will enable them to engage in their own professional development and/or assist others.

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29 January 2019

Towards digital literacy for language teaching and learning: Approaches and practices

Learning Outcomes Higher expertise amongst participants on the practical skills necessary for the successful implementation and integration of digital tools and resources The ability to access and work with training modules and templates to facilitate the integration of tools to work on language skills A repository of activities for the teaching and learning of languages…

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31 January 2019

Street Law

Learning Outcomes Develop knowledge of Street Law as a teaching technique in university education Appreciate how Street Law empowers and engages students to become better learners and how it is an “assessment AS learning Understand the learner-centred teaching methods that are used in Street Law Gain a deeper understanding of their own thought processes and…

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February 2019
01 February 2019

Aligning learning, teaching and assessment in the design of HE curricula

Learning Outcomes: Discuss different theoretical approaches to student assessment and feedback Apply these approaches to adopt an outcomes based approach to curriculum design Consider assessment strategies at modular and programmatic levels so that planning for assessment constructively aligns with both the module and programme learning outcomes Propose methods to ensure the assessment for, as and…

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07 February 2019

Delivery of the Digital Badge in Postgraduate Research Supervision

Learning Outcomes: Identify key regulations and policies around the education of research postgraduates, and clarify roles and responsibilities of supervisors Apply regulations and policies in response to a number of case studies/scenarios Review video or paper resource and reflect on your own supervisory approach based on this Identify key actions from this learning for your…

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07 February 2019

Evidence-based teaching

Learning Outcomes: Discuss critically the concept of evidence-based teaching and learning practices within their own professional context Plan a systematic search of the extant literature and available data within their professional context and disclipine area Critically appraise research evidence (literature and data) Describe appropriate evidence-based teaching, learning and assessment strategies for use within their professional…

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