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Exploring alternatives: Critique of the process-product paradigm dominating Teaching Educator Professional Learning (TEPL) in contemporary higher education

13th December 2018

Learning Outcomes:

As a result of this seminar participants will:
  • Provide an open space to better understand the key assumptions and ideological governance forms underpinning the Process-Product model of Teacher Educator Professional Development operating in contemporary Ireland, Europe and OECD countries
  • Apply a select literature review in gaining a deeper understanding of the contemporary framing of HEI Policy in TEPL using human capital theory and the contested nature of this worldview in the international literature
  • Productively debate issues and concerns about academic progression criteria currently presented in western HEIs as a watertight evidence-based solution
  • Re-consider the purposes of education and teacher educators/educational researcher’s responsibility for the critical, social and heuristic aspects of education and the concept of a democratic society






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