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Self-study in Action: Responding to the Disciplinary Excellence in Learning Teaching and Assessment (DELTA) Framework

26th May 2021

Learning Objectives

• To support and generate evidence-based approaches to teaching and learning in teacher education that are a) informed by feedback, participation and involvement from various stakeholders, b) implemented using a “students as partners” approach and c) facilitated through peer-led discussions of self-study methodologies with a focus on data sources
• To provide a platform and workshop approach to the dissemination of the scholarship of teaching and learning within teacher education through self-study researcher sharing
• To explicitly and directly address the impact of approaches to teaching, learning and assessment at teacher education programme and module levels by sharing qualitative and quantitative evidence within the context of self-study research
• To promote rigorous and robust approaches to data sources, collection and analysis within self-study research through discussion and application of ideas generated during the seminar
*This event was deferred from the 2019/20 National Seminar Series


Mary Immaculate College


Richard Bowles
061 204912