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Climbing the UDL ladder: Building a Culture of Inclusion in Higher Education

26th May 2021 @ 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

This CUA Universal Design for Learning (UDL) conference will investigate a myriad of approaches to UDL through an exploration of shared best inclusive practice. Through creating an awareness of a cross-campus approach to implementing a culture of inclusion and diversity, the Institute of Technology Sligo (IT Sligo) has made significant strides in climbing the UDL ladder to bring this vision to reality. The teaching and learning framework that is UDL has guided this transition to provide for a high-quality educational experience. Together with our partners Letterkenny Institute of Technology (LYIT) and Galway Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT), IT Sligo welcomes colleagues across all higher education institutions to examine and reflect on your UDL practices within your programme to ensure the student learning experience provides for the unique learning needs of students in a changing world.

Conference Themes:

  • Student engagement & capturing the student voice

Presenters will guide conference participants through the shift needed in the teaching dynamic to one of collaborative curriculum development and allowing students to engage in the process so that they can take control and ownership of their learning process. Presentations will discuss curriculum redesigns that facilitates students to set their own pace and goals and evaluate their own progress.

  • Improving the student experience through digital enhancement

This segment provides a thorough discussion on the impact of digital enhancement using UDL principles. This includes curriculum redesigns that have sought to reduce student challenges by providing helpful relevant digital tools to aid understanding in their subject material.

  • Learning through Covid-19: Flipping the classroom using UDL.

Were your students feeling isolated in their learning due to Covid-19 restrictions?  This segment focuses on curriculum redesigns that involve the use of the UDL framework to ‘flip the classroom’ to foster student engagement and peer collaboration.

  • Authentic Student Experience: showcasing UDL teaching approaches.

Presentations which showcase UDL teaching approaches that consider lecturers real world experience and prompt students to engage as the practitioner. Curriculum redesigns that increase student motivation through any of the following teaching approaches such as: work-based learning, enquiry-based learning, or problem-based learning approaches.

  • Adopting Alternative Assessment Practices through a UDL lens

Presentations will address alternative pathways to student success which remove potential barriers making learning goals attainable. Alternative representation examples of flexible options available in an assessment which can enhance access, support learner performance, and reduce possible perceived threats.

For further information please visit the conference website by clicking here.


Niamh Plunkett
071 91305859