DELTA Awards Launch, March 21st 2017

This learning impact award type aims to add a crucial, discipline-led dimension to Ireland’s national approach to identifying excellence in teaching, augmenting the voice and perspectives of higher education students and their institutions.


The award will be presented to discipline groups who can demonstrate a record of excellence in teaching and learning enhancement and who commit to an ongoing, clearly articulated, shared process of continued enhancement.

The DELTA Award will recognise and celebrate disciplines for their achievements and commitment, with particular reference to their discipline-relevant pedagogical contexts, requirements, challenges and innovations. A key focus will be on enabling disciplines to ensure that teaching and learning enhancement can also be effectively linked to other core activities – including research and scholarship – in ways that have clear benefits for learners. It will assist disciplines to link teaching and learning developments coherently with key relevant institutional, national and international drivers, while also enabling a discipline- and context-specific approach to teaching and learning enhancement.

Full details of the DELTA Awards are available here

The Call for Nominations for the DELTA Awards is available here

If you have any queries please contact admin@teachingandlearning.ie

Application Interface | DELTA Collaborative Site

The final date for submission of applications has now passed (30 November 2017)

Thank you to all the teams for your submissions.


DELTA Awards Launch
21 March 2017

Webinar on Expression of Interest
10 April 2017 @ 2.30pm

Submission of Expression of Interest
30 May 2017 @5pm

Online Interface for Phase 2 Submissions Opens
15 June 2017

Notification of Submissions to continue to Phase 2 – Full Application Development
15 June 2017       

Face to Face Information Workshop for Phase 2
19 June 2017

Final Date for Submission of Applications
30 November 2017 @ 12 noon

Presentation of Awards
21 March 2018