Digital Professionalism for All Those Who Teach

Trinity College Dublin , Ireland

Learning Objectives • Understand the key issues and debates in digital professionalism in professional education • Apply concepts of digital professionalism to their own teaching, learning, and scholarly activities

Designing Assessment Strategies in Interprofessional Education

Trinity College Dublin , Ireland

Learning Objectives • Discuss the learning outcomes for interprofessional education • Describe the principles of assessment of/as/for learning in interprofessional education • Identify the challenges associated with designing assessments in interprofessional education • Consider different approaches to assessment in interprofessional education • Reflect on the application of different assessment strategies in interprofessional education in academic…

Building Resilience into Practice Education for Health Science Students

Trinity College Dublin , Ireland

Learning Objectives • Understand how high standards of practice education can be achieved using a blended approach in a healthcare environment changed by Covid-19 • Explore pedagogically-appropriate techniques to facilitate effective feedback and assessment between students and clinicians throughout practice education in a healthcare environment changed by Covid-19 • Explore emotionally-literate approaches to addressing challenges…

Communicating Scientific Research

Trinity College Dublin , Ireland

Learning Objectives • Identify your own communication and presentation style • Develop a new strategy for discussing your research • Develop a new perspective about career prospects and options available to you • Recognise the need and benefits to science communication

Scalable Assessment Strategies for Digital Contexts

Trinity College Dublin , Ireland

Learning Objectives • Enable academic staff and those supporting teaching and learning to identify high-impact yet sustainable assessment strategies for use in a newly digital context of teaching and learning without increasing workload • Enable audience to appraise critically the value of open-book assessment in a context of (partially) digital delivery of teaching and learning…

Building Learning Communities Online

Learning Objectives  Identify strategies for building student learning communities in online spaces Reflect on digital tools which could enable virtual community-building in their own practice Discuss emerging challenges when facilitating student engagement, collaboration and communication in online spaces Actively participate in online conversations and communities around the evolving nature and characteristics of student learning communities…

Building a Community of Inquiry Online: Deepening Student Experiential Learning

Learning Objectives Understand the principles of the educational community of inquiry (ECoI) framework Describe the benefits and challenges of using ECoI framework in undergraduate education Plan for the introduction of ECoI to curriculum design Explore the potential for alignment of a community of inquiry approach with experiential learning placements Click here to register

The Future of Clinical Legal Education in Ireland

Learning Objectives For those in legal education in Ireland to learn about new strategies for encouraging student success in clinical legal education modules To assist in the creation of a community of those working in clinical legal education in Ireland, to foster a spirit of collegiality across the institutions and to share resources To discuss…

Digital Futures in Higher Education Practice and Policy

Learning Objectives Reflect on existing digital education practices Discuss challenges arising from digital innovation in academic teaching practice Join the conversation around the evolving shape of current and future educational practices Click here to register