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Effective Pedagogic Transformation to Active Blended Learning

14th February 2019 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

This seminar by Professor Ale Armellini of the University of Northampton will present and explore the concept of active blended learning (ABL).

ABL denotes activity on the part of teachers and students. A module or a programme is taught through ABL when it deploys consistent use of student-centred activities that support the development of subject knowledge and understanding, independent learning and digital fluency. The seminar will explore possible learning and teaching practices that support this concept. It will provide an understanding of what is meant by contact time in an ABL environment, and will outline an approach that programme teams and module leaders can use to redesign their modules or programmes.

Professor Armellini will challenge the traditional view of blended learning as a combination of online and face-to-face interaction. He will describe how ABL offers the opportunity for higher quality teaching and student engagement inside and outside the classroom in a single but multi-layered “blend”. His seminar will examine how ABL provides a learning environment where students play an active role and are given the opportunity to engage in a variety of ways beyond the traditional seminar room, in the field, in labs, in studios, and in the workplace. The different study modes are scalable and fully integrated rather than comprising different strands of a course running in parallel. The flipped classroom is one element of ABL.

The University of Northampton and Professor Armellini are global thought leaders in ABL, and have put it into practice in their new Waterside campus, which opened in September 2018.

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