VIT&L Week – Events Call – FAQs

The deadline for completed applications is 27 October 2021. However, early applications are encouraged in order to maximise the length of time available for event planning and profiling. Early application is advised as funding available is limited.

VIT&L events can be organised by individuals, units, local or national project teams, network/discipline groups – anyone invested in teaching and learning within the Irish higher education community. The application form should be completed by the main organiser of the proposed event.

VIT&L events can be held from Monday 08 November through to Tuesday 30 November 2021. Any events held during VIT&L Week, which will run from 8-12 November 2021, should not clash with National Forum-hosted events. A calendar of National Forum VIT&L events can be accessed here.

All funded events must align with the overarching theme of Valuing Ireland’s Teaching and Learning. However, the exact nature and focus of proposed events will depend on the needs of the given institution, unit or group. Events may focus on sharing and celebrating ongoing enhancement work, providing an opportunity to hold strategic discussions, or allowing the local or national higher education community (including both students and staff) to gather and reflect on key aspects of how teaching and learning is valued and how to bring collective knowledge and efforts forward in a positive way. For example, events may focus on:

  • Strategic institutional discussions about the place of teaching and learning within local policy and decision-making and how the value of teaching and learning can be strengthened
  • Sharing and valuing ongoing teaching and learning enhancement work
  • Considering how the relational, structural, practical or policy aspects of teaching and learning can be valued, supported and recognised
  • Gathering views and experiences from those who learn, teach and/or lead on the shift to online/remote learning and considering what has been learned for the future about how teaching and learning can/should be valued
  • Considering the place of teaching and learning in evolving institutional contexts, e.g., in the context of institutional mergers
  • Leveraging partnerships between those who teach and their students, as well as the wider educational community, to foster collective advocacy in strengthening the value placed on teaching and learning

The above is by no means an exhaustive list – it is intended only to prompt ideas for event proposals and give a sense of the range of options available under the broad funding theme.

Events can be held either online or in person (if the latest COVID-19 guidelines allow). In the case of in-person events, it is of course important that event organisers ensure compliance with public health guidance.

No, there is no limit on the number of events that can be hosted in one institution. However, the National Forum will endeavour, through the approval process, to ensure a range of regional events across different institution types with the funding available.

Yes, inter-institutional applications are accepted. It may be, for example that a network, group of colleagues, or national project team, that spans institutions wish to organise a VIT&L event.

Where a VIT&L event is collaboratively organised across more than one institution, the main organiser of the event, who is happy to be named as key contact, should be named as the applicant on the application form.

Co-ordination of registration for an event is the responsibility of the event organiser.

Funding of up to €2,500 is available to cover the costs of hosting each VIT&L event.

Funding can cover payment for a guest speaker (if they are not from a publicly-funded institution in Ireland) and their associated travel/subsistence costs, catering costs, printing of resource packs for your event and costs relating to accessibility (see more detail in call) and/or recording and editing costs.

Funding cannot be used to purchase equipment or buy out time from lecturers/staff employed at the hosting institution or another publicly-funded institution in Ireland.

On the application form, one lead institution must be clearly identified. This institution will be responsible for managing the funding. There is no limit to the number of events that can be hosted by any one institution.

Yes, all funded VIT&L events will feature on the VIT&L section of the National Forum website.

No, there is no admission cost for attending any VIT&L event. Admission to all VIT&L events is free.

All events must include VIT&L branding using the resources available here.