08 – 12 November 2021


From 08 to 12 November 2021, the higher education community will come together through local and national events to consider how we value teaching and learning and what the future of education will look like for the students of tomorrow.

Valuing Ireland’s Teaching & Learning (VIT&L) Week is for everyone. It will provide opportunities to celebrate and value what matters and to take pause and think about the future.

You can get involved in VIT&L Week by hosting or taking part in an event, sharing your teaching and learning scholarship, contributing to showcase videos, or taking part in related activities.

VIT&L Week is being co-ordinated by the National Forum, in partnership with students and those who teach, lead and support learning across the Irish higher education community. It marks the start of a focus on valuing teaching and learning that will extend to Tuesday 30 November 2021.

Get Involved


Funding is now available for those who wish to host an event at their institution, focused on valuing teaching and learning. Events can take place from 08-30 November 2021. VIT&L Events aim to enhance and challenge the higher education community’s awareness, understanding and thinking about the value of teaching and learning across campuses.


VIT&L Week will include a Scholarship Showcase, including daily scholarship hours and an online poster gallery. A call is now open for those who would like to submit a poster and/or give a Gasta lightning talk as part of VIT&L Week. The VIT&L Scholarship Showcase aims to provide an opportunity to consider links between research and practice in teaching and learning and to explore the evidence that has been built to support higher education staff as both teachers and researchers.

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