Supporting International students across the Connacht Ulster Alliance through the implementation of an Online English Language Support Programme


The Initative Team

Initiative Lead
Institute of Technology Sligo

Primary Contact
Niamh Plunkett

Initiative Budget


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The aim of this multi-campus T&L initiative is to provide IT Sligo, LYIT and GMIT international students (or students for whom English is not their first language) with high quality online English language support that includes live online lectures, online video lessons and tests.

The Course Tutor will use a suite of diverse software programmes to deliver a user-friendly but content rich student experience. The design of the programme fits into the busy student schedule rather than adding to it. The content and assessments will be delivered directly to the student in bite-sized chunks that fit into their daily routine. Students can now improve their English ‘on the go’ and incorporate their English learning into their lifestyle.

Students can easily enrol onto the programme from any device. The programme will provide live tutor support twice per week and will also deliver written, video and audio content with assessments that assists the students 24/7.

The project will be open to 300 undergraduate, postgraduate and Erasmus students across all three Institutes. Support will be tailored to individual student needs but in a non-traditional classroom or face to face approach. Each student will be treated individually and can work at their own pace and level. The project will critically evaluate the effectiveness of the programme on students English language skill development and support, not only from an academic perspective but also from a personal language skills development in the ‘real’ world.