Structured PhD Module in Research Integrity and Impact in an Open Scholarship Era


The Initative Team

Initiative Lead
Trinity College Dublin

Primary Contact
Prof. Martine Smith

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Based upon feedback from Trinity schools and students, ‘Research Integrity and Impact in an Open Scholarship Era,’ under this T&L initiative, an existing module for incoming doctoral students will be redesigned from a pedagogical perspective and rebuilt from the ground up, making it applicable across multiple disciplines and contexts.

In partnership with students and faculty stakeholders, the new mandatory online 5 ECTS module will be contextually embedded while maximising the value of shared disciplinary good practice. Enhanced with relevant content and inclusive, interactive assessment practices, the module will radically transform the student user experience. It will be designed at a sufficiently granular level to facilitate its relevance and applicability across all of Trinity’s Structured PhD Programme and beyond.

The development will be based on:

• Student and staff requirements; the University’s strategy; and national/European competence recommendations
• Creativity in teaching and learning, open pedagogy and inclusive assessment practices
• Integration within Trinity’s scholarly communities
• Openness and inclusiveness via the Trinity Disability Research Archive and its host, Trinity’s Access to Research Archive (TARA)
• ‘FAIR’ Open Scholarship (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Re-Usable), including Creative Commons licencing

This initiative strengthens the research to teaching and learning connection and lies at the heart of Trinity’s Research Excellence Strategy and Research Charter. ‘Education and skills’, one of the European Commission’s Eight Pillars of Open Science, is embedded in the League of European Research Universities’ (LERU) ‘Open Science and its Role for Universities Roadmap’ (2018), to which Trinity is committed. This ground-breaking teaching and learning initiative is an embodiment of our commitment.