MIC Leaders of the Future


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Mary Immaculate College

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Dr Maeve Liston

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This T&L initiative focuses on student success, empowering students to reach their full potential through the design and delivery of a student leadership programme to MIC staff and students across both the Faculty of Arts and Education during Spring Semester 2020 (N of Students= 120, N of Staff= 10, N of Management = 5).

The leadership programme will be delivered by a network of mentors from MIC Alumni, social enterprises and industry. The programme focuses on leadership, employability and workplace skills i.e. becoming effective and engaged leaders, by developing skills required for the 21st century workplace and for active citizenship, therefore developing professionally competent students to flourish in a global world.

The initiative will also focus on the professional development of all those who teach, i.e. developing effective, novel teaching and learning pedagogies, and building capacity within our staff cohort in developing transferrable leadership skills across their subject disciplines, thus enhancing students’ opportunities for success in their future careers.

Throughout the initiative, feedback will be gathered from staff and students. This data will then inform the design and delivery of leadership modules in the B. Ed and BA programmes at MIC. This project will play an important role in developing new, innovative evidence-based modules that are currently not available within these programmes. The project will feed directly into the reconceptualisation of the current BA programme at MIC, which is currently under way during the academic year 2019/2020.