Development of a Strategy and Framework for a Digital Learner Support Hub


The Initative Team

Initiative Lead
University of Limerick

Primary Contact
James Murphy and Clem O'Donnell

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The aim of this T&L initiative is to develop an action plan, structure and mechanisms for a digital learner support hub, available to all UL’s learning centres (LCs) to facilitate blended and fully-online delivery of our supplemental academic learner support schemes, to complement existing face-to-face ones.
UL’s learning centres play a crucial role in the success of our students, via helping them to study and learn more effectively and become self-directed and confident learners. They provide supplementary academic learning support (SALS) that engage students through innovative, learner-centred, and peer-led tutoring schemes, thereby augmenting existing teaching and learning activities. The SALS schemes are delivered on group and one-to-one basis, and facilitated by student peer tutors/leaders, who are UG and PG students, trained, guided and supervised by the relevant LC team.
Currently, while the SALS schemes continue their success and positive impact, there are a few constraints that limit the accessibility, reachability, and sustainability of these important services. They mainly relate to: a) scheduling in a manner that suits both tutors and tutees; and b) resourcing particularly in terms of appropriate tutors, physical space, and associated cost. There is also an increasing need to provide a more flexible and responsive learner support, to ensure UL’s commitment to a higher education accessible to all types of learners, including part-time, mature, life-long, industry and CPD learners.