Development of a blended learning Careers and Employability (10 ECTS) module for PhD students delivered in partnership with industry


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Trinity College Dublin

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Orla Bannon

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This T&L initiative will focus on the development of a blended learning 10 ECTS module on Careers and Employability for PhD students that could be used as part of a structured PhD programme or for continuing professional development. It will harness the potential of digital technologies, will be delivered in collaboration with industry partners from relevant sectors, and will provide opportunities for work-based learning experiences (e.g. internships, work-based projects, industry-led skills workshops and networking).

Consideration will also be given to how the module components could be adapted to construct a 5 ECTS module if required. This aligns with priorities on teaching and learning in a digital world and student success.
Results from recent student surveys, including the Irish Survey of Student Engagement (ISSE) of postgraduate research students and the International Student Barometer, show a clear demand from research students for careers and employability initiatives. The Irish Research Council and SFI Centres for Research Training have also made skills development for employment and career planning part of their postgraduate research funding programmes so universities must be able to deliver on these and make such opportunities available to all PhD students.

In order to deliver on the ambitions of Future Jobs Ireland 2019 and Innovation 2020, universities need to strengthen the employability and transferable skills of PhD students and give them the opportunity to take responsibility for their own careers. This will allow these graduates to build careers in either academia or industry, support Ireland’s economic growth and have societal impact.