This enhancement theme places a special focus on assessment and feedback in Irish higher education. It aims to support and leverage an enhancement approach to assessment, in order to ensure that Ireland adopts and promotes innovative, engaging, collaborative, learner-oriented and integrated approaches to assessment that take account of the complex dynamics and requirements of higher education. The theme’s activities were operationalized into six phases and these can be followed in the section About the Enhancement Theme.

The following webpages present some of the initial principles that are emerging as a result of the Assessment Enhancement Theme’s activities. Principles are a useful way of operationalising and sharing good practice in assessment. There are some common, more obvious, principles. For example, assessment should be valid, reliable and effective. These webpages set out some principles specifically emerging from the Assessment Enhancement Theme, to give some focused guidance for assessment and feedback in Irish higher education today.

The webpages: give a quick overview of each principle; outline some related activities from the Assessment Enhancement Theme; and summarise the learning gained in relation to that principle. These principles may be modified as further sectoral activities and conversations continue.