Your Brainpower –Harnessing the Power and Potential of Brain and Behaviour for Enhanced Learning, Wellbeing, and Student Success.

The Initative Team

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University College Cork

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Dr. Eithne Hunt

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It is now accepted that adolescence extends from 10-24 years, and so the majority (88%, 2017/2018) of undergraduate students in higher education (HE) are therefore considered adolescents, with cognitive, social, emotional, and self-regulatory capacities that continue to develop throughout this critical period. This has implications for how students engage with and experience learning, and ultimately their success. Our SATLE 2019 funded initiative (Brainpower–a digital badge (DB) for academic and academic support staff) aimed to enhance knowledge amongst staff of the developmental stage of undergraduate students. We propose to expand our SATLE 2019 initiative by creating a student version, designed for 1st year undergraduate students to support their transition into and through HE. The overall aim is to support transitions and enhance student success through the creation of an online DB for 1st year undergraduate students.

The initiative has the following objectives:

1.Draw on insights gained from student advisory groups in the development of Brainpower, and an interdisciplinary evidence-based framework to educate students on their stage of development.

2.Guide students on how their stage of development may impact upon their experiences in HE, from a biological, psychological, social and occupational perspective.

3.Encourage students to develop strategies for enhanced wellbeing, learning and success.

The expected outcome is a DB for 1st year students to support their understanding of the biological, psychological, social and occupational changes occurring during this critical period, which may impact upon their experiences in HE. They will be equipped with strategies for enhanced wellbeing and success.