VISIONING THE FUTURE: Artistic Doctorates in Creative Practice


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University College Cork

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Professor Jools Gilson

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This T&L initiative focuses on developing innovative integrated pedagogies, support structures and protocols for Artistic Doctorates in Creative Practice within Ireland. Artistic Doctorates are practice-based PhDs that include artistic practice, on an equal footing with critical writing.

There is currently no nationally recognised pedagogical protocol related to Artistic Doctorates within Ireland, and this application represents a unique opportunity for UCC to lead this development through a focus on the Artistic Doctorates within the School of Film, Music & Theatre.

The aim of the initiative is to share knowledge and develop protocols and supports for the pedagogies of the Artistic Doctorate within Ireland, located within an international discourse. The School of Film, Music & Theatre will be a case study for the comparative development of emergent pedagogies across different Creative Practice disciplines. The performing and screenic arts at UCC map compellingly onto the national need for protocols in these disciplines.

VISIONING THE FUTURE will comprise of a dynamic ecology of workshops, staff and student visits to experience and engage with international excellence in the Artistic Doctorate and consultant visits to develop a distinctively Irish version of pedagogic protocols for the Artistic Doctorate within Ireland.

What kinds of pedagogies lead to best practice? How are they experienced by students? How might supervisors/examiners be trained in new and emerging Artistic Research pedagogies? VISIONING THE FUTURE will use these workshops, staff development and consultant visits to develop a series of free downloadable Toolkits/online resources for supervisors, students and examiners.