Virtual Reality-based Learning Experience

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Institute of Technology Carlow

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Gerry Moloney

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Virtual Reality is the term used to describe 3D computer generated environments in which a person becomes immersed using a headset. While part of the virtual world the person is able to manipulate objects and/or perform a series of actions and so participate actively in the virtual environment.

The diverse educational and learning applications of VR are obvious in education and new VR apps are being released on a daily basis. However, the design and availability of a simple system for the creation, delivery and formal assessment of any 3rd level course in VR is a requirement that has yet to be successfully met. It is the objective of this T&L initiative to meet this requirement, in the knowledge that the impact of such a system would be very dramatic and globally useful.

To guarantee the applicability of this proposed ‘VR Experiential Learning system’ a team composed of students and lecturers from IT Carlow will design and develop the system in collaboration with leading industry partners. This will ensure that the simulation is grounded in the student experience but be of industrial quality. The proposal will use DevOps as its prototype content.