TUDublin IMPACT: Teaching and Learning for Student Success

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Technological University Dublin

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Olivia Edge

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TU Dublin IMPACT: Teaching and Learning for Student Success is a strategic T&L initiative that will help us to build organisational capacity by maximising the impact of our teaching and learning practices. It has been designed to facilitate the creation of a new learning community of staff and students within the context of a newly established Technological University.

The five workpackages focus on the creation of a sustainable implementation model for our LEPs. These are designed to encourage a discipline and context-specific approach to teaching and learning enhancement that builds on our strengths and distinctiveness, is informed by local pedagogical research and can be enabled through strategically aligned policy, processes and appropriate infrastructures as follows:

• Building a knowledge repository of the University’s T&L practices
• Encouraging professional development through the creation of a CPD framework that recognizes accredited and nonaccredited learning
• Integrating T&L best practices by building on our strengths and identifying areas of development that are aligned with both the University’s T&L strategy and the T&L priorities of our partners
• Celebrating our T&L practices by showcasing initiatives through a festival of learning
• Embedding best practices through the development of sustainable processes and infrastructure

The evolving model will continue to be informed by and supported through the seed funding of cross-campus collaborative disciplinary groups and multi-disciplinary initiatives and the establishment of an operational environment that can effectively sustain and embed impactful, high quality T&L practices.