TU Dublin Learning Frameworks for Student Success

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Technological University Dublin

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Mary Meaney

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TU Dublin’s Strategic Intent 2030 sets out the University’s ambitions for the next decade, to ‘Create a Better World, Together’, centred around the 3 pillars of People, Planet and Partnership.  The TU Dublin Education Model is core – in nurturing bright minds, creativity and ambition, this dynamic new model aims to transform learning opportunities and experiences for a diverse student body, many of whom will be operating in challenging circumstances.  New approaches, new pedagogies and utilisation of new technologies that impact student success are the focus of this SATLE 2020 initiative and support the development of the model, including:-

• developing digitally-literate and sustainability-responsible graduates
• utilising evidence-based analytics to target supports for a diverse student base; and
• providing authentic assessment approaches through real-world contexts that extend the student’s knowledge, higher-order thinking and future-ready competencies.

– Digital Skills efforts will focus on: a digital skills diagnostic tool for staff and students to self-assess their capabilities; a repository of resources, including guides, learning resources, training and one-to-one coaching; and a dynamic peer mentoring scheme for students.
– The Sustainability strand will consolidate the University’s Education for Sustainability initiatives; develop a TU Dublin–wide, including SDGs, literacy; and provide relevant continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities for lecturing staff.
– Capacity-building in Learning Analytics will deliver a robust Learning Analytics policy; additional technology tools, and a suite of training resources and toolkit.
– Work on assessment will produce a Framework for Authentic Assessment and Feedback, with key principles, methodologies and practice enabling across all TU Dublin programmes.