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Trinity College Dublin

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Linda Darbey

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The focus of this LEP funding for enhancing learning, teaching and assessment aligns well with Trinity’s education strategic priorities. Building on the work of the 2014-19 Strategic Plan, which involved a renewal of the undergraduate curriculum (see, we invited proposals from the college community that would address a central theme of “students as partners in learning”.

A review panel comprising academic and professional staff and student representatives reviewed the proposals received, and the LEPs shortlisted address the National Forum’s and Trinity’s strategic priorities. They also respond to key findings from the Irish Survey of Student Engagement and the International Student Barometer, which highlight scope for improvement in academic engagement with and career readiness of students. These local LEPs propose to engage students and staff as partners in learning by developing approaches to:

• assessment for/as learning methodologies through innovative group project work, and
• facilitate student transitions to the world of work by preparing students for the healthcare professions

Trinity Teaching & Learning (TT&L), responsible for the conduct of activities in support of undergraduate and postgraduate activities, will provide guidance to the Schools throughout the lifetime of the project, and will ensure that efforts complement, and not duplicate, efforts of other activities in this space.

TT&L will also work with Schools and students to ensure that the outputs from these projects are showcased and the learnings/resources are widely disseminated, and will support the mainstreaming of outputs that will enhance the overall learning environment.