Transforming Teaching and Learning for Student Success in GMIT

The Initative Team

Initiative Lead
Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology

Primary Contact
Carina Ginty

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GMIT Teaching and Learning Office will support the design and implementation of 11 teaching and learning enhancement projects, that include a wide range of disciplines. Collaborative projects 1-11, are presented as follows:
Bridie Killoran (GMIT Careers Office) + Sally Reidy (Galway International Hotel School, GMIT)

Translating Transversal Skills for Student Success (TTS)   (Digital professional practice opportunities enabling alternatives to professional placement)

The First Step: Innovative Strengths Profiling Programme for First Year Students in GMIT (in collaboration with GMIT employers and alumni).

Dr Mark Kelly (GMIT School of Engineering – Dept. of Building and Civil Engineering)

Student Success through Sustainability Engagement and Action

Ainslie Peters, (School of Design – CCAM, GMIT)

Remote Professional Practice and Projects – Piloting a Tutor Support Group

Dr Oliver Mulryan (GMIT School of Engineering – Dept. of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering)

Digitisation of Student Exhibition Events – supporting student success.

Irene Hayden, (GMIT School of Engineering, Dept. of Building and Civil Engineering) Self Assessment of Competence in the Building Regulations – building an online learning resource linking to the new MSc in Building Design.
Stephen Foy (GMIT School of Engineering, Dept. of Electronics and Electrical Engineering) Opensource Collaborative Robots to enable Student Success.
Sean Breen, (GMIT Letterfrack Campus)

The Digital Craftsperson’s perspective – crafting digital kit supporting online/remote delivery of Letterfrack programmes.

Dr Jenny Ryan and Mossy Kelly (School of Science and Computing, Dept. of Computing and Physics, GMIT)

Student-designed Assessment through e-Portfolio Construction in Physics and Instrumentation Modules – embedding an alternative online assessment strategy.

Louise Conway (GMIT Mayo Campus)

Digital learning transformation for Clinical Skills – digital professional practice approach.

Paul Lemy, Mary Rogers, Carine Gachon (Digital Skills Tutoring) – to enable student success in GMIT.
Rollout of the DALTAI Learning Analytics online course and resources for students and staff supporting student success in GMIT and TU Dublin. Supporting the DALTAI network and connections formed with GMIT team Phelim Murnion, Dr Carina Ginty, Dr Sean Daffy and the TU Dublin learning analytics team.