Technology Enhanced Learning Curriculum Development and Accreditation (30 Credits, Level 9, Minor Award)

The Initative Team

Initiative Lead
Waterford Institute of Technology

Primary Contact
Dr Mary Fenton

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This T&L initiative aims to enhance the teaching capacity of WIT’s School of Lifelong Learning and Education (SOLLE) academic staff through the adoption of technology, infrastructure; and pedagogical models.

It will deliver three tangible outputs, namely:

1. Programme Design and Accreditation: This phase will focus on the design and accreditation of a specific programme for online delivery, namely the Certificate in Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) (30 Credits, Level 9, Minor Award). The programme comprises of the following three 10-credit modules:

• Blended Learning
• Curriculum Development and Assessment
• Content and Interaction for Teaching and Learning Online

2. Infrastructure Development: The project team will pilot infrastructure to support solutions for dynamic teaching and learning. Technology is a critical element that enables and enhances contemporary teaching and learning environments. This initiative will transform the traditional classroom to enhance remote learning and meet the expectations and needs of learners/students and industry. This element includes hardware and software to enable a dynamic, collaborative, active learning environment, such as; vision exchange (e.g. Sony) which enables active workgroup pods, facilitation of overlaid annotations, handwriting extraction and presenter overlay and edge analytics appliance.

3. Process Development and Dissemination: This initiative will define a process to develop online and TEL solutions across WIT. The design of the Programme will be process-enabled and documented to facilitate adoption across all Schools in WIT. The Certificate in TEL is a pilot to design and evaluate online programme provision. A dissemination strategy will share the experience and output across WIT.