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Technological University Dublin

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Olivia Edge

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This TUDublin Learning Enhancement Project (LEP) recognises that teaching is an activity that benefits from shared practice within an extended academic community that has a collective set of values, principles and goals. It utilises the newly developed institutional Le Chéile collaborative award process, and thus provides a potential link into the national DELTA awards. This new professional development model recognises, nurtures and celebrates excellence in T&L within team-based teaching initiatives.

The objectives of this LEP are to:

• Recognise and encourage best T&L practice, by subject-discipline teams, in programme design that enhances the student experience
• Support the continuous professional development of staff involved in teaching that helps to achieve identified strategic aims
• Help promote a programme-based culture within an institution-wide engaged learning community

Le Chéile is awarded at three different levels and is open to all discipline groups in TU Dublin. The composition of a discipline group can include teaching collaborations among members of the same school, discipline or subject. Evidence of engagement with key stakeholders including students needs to be embedded within all processes. This funding will be used to support teams that can demonstrate specific achievements in, and an ongoing commitment to, the enhancement of teaching and learning.

The support group will work with the shortlisted teams to identify any gaps in their professional core skills and competences and to design an action plan for capacity building that supports their commitment to teaching and learning enhancement as individuals and as a team.