Teaching and Learning for Clinical Teachers

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Trinity College Dublin

Primary Contact
Clare Whelan

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This collaborative Teaching and Learning initiative is aligned with the Trinity Strategic Plan Goal 3 “We Will Practice Next Generation Teaching and Learning” aiming to promote student success through the development of an open access digital teaching and learning module which will be available to support clinical teachers who supervise students in the clinical environment.

The standard of a placement and learning potential realised for students often pivots on the supervision the student receives from the clinical teacher. Clinical teachers are expected to teach and prepare students to competently meet the demands of clinical practice, but being a clinical teacher requires additional skill development beyond their practitioner skills.

This initiative specifically aims to:
• Explore clinical students and clinical teachers’ perspectives on effective teaching and learning in the clinical environment.
• Identify barriers and enablers for effective teaching and learning in the clinical environment
• Develop an open access teaching and learning module for clinical teachers consisting of five interactive units of learning, each requiring four hours to complete, that include,
– relevant educational theories related to clinical teaching and learning
– strategies for effective teaching and learning in the clinical learning environment
– tools to enhance student engagement and promoting a culture of belonging in the clinical learning environment
– tools to enhance clinical educators’ supervisory and management skills to support students through diverse and complex clinical practice

Continuing Professional Development accreditation will be sought from the relevant professional registration bodies thereby incentivising clinical teachers to engage with the module.