Supporting Student Success in information literacy: a blended approach

The Initative Team

Initiative Lead
Institute of Technology Carlow

Primary Contact
Breda Connell

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This T&L initiative is the design and implementation of a self-directed blended learning information literacy programme aimed at students transitioning to higher education. Transitioning to higher education is one of the most difficult times for a student, as they experience numerous issues which might influence their decision to withdraw from higher education (Terenzini et al., 1994; Yorke, 1999; Tinto, 2000), it is therefore imperative that institutions do all they can to support students.

This initiative will give students the opportunity to develop their literacy and information skills and empower them to improve their critical reading, writing and referencing skills from the beginning of their journey in higher education. Because all students learn at different paces, the programme is designed to be self-paced and self-directed. However, adopting a blended approach, it will also offer face-to-face sessions with students for those who may wish to attend whilst on campus. The programme will be available to all learners and on all campuses and will be hosted on our VLE platform, which will allow for a flexible approach.

It is envisaged that, in the future, the programme could be tailored to suit other HEIs.