Student Success

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University College Cork

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Kathy Bradley

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A national understanding of student success is a strategic priority of the National Forum and that of University College Cork. This initiative will seek to uncover the very essence of what success means in UCC, to research the meaning of student success with both staff and students, the wider UCC community, auxiliary services and stakeholders as appropriate in relation to UCC students.

The National Forum recognises success as a student fulfilling their potential and contributing to and flourishing in society. The challenges we have faced as a society over the past 12 months have been unprecedented and this initiative will act as a temperature check for the meaning of success within the higher education system and seek to establish cases of good practice for fostering additional successful outcomes for students.

This initiative will provide a forum to listen to and decipher the University voice on student success. It would allow for the National Forum’s Framework on student success to be used as a lens to examine institutional definitions of success and will help in communicating and embedding the concept of student success into the University landscape while yielding opportunities for additional successful outcomes for our students.

Working with students as partners the Student Success initiative will ensure that the student voice is front and centre in all student success strategies.  Key deliverables for this initiative also include the draft student success strategy for the University.