Student Partnership and Raising Capacity (SPARC)

The Initative Team

Initiative Lead
Waterford Institute of Technology

Primary Contact
Fionnuala Brennan

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This initiative supports up to eighteen colleagues from the School of Humanities, the School of Lifelong Learning and Education and the School of Engineering to co-create an innovation with students, test the innovation and share the experience.  The theme of the initiative is ‘closing the feedback loop’ and innovations will address data in the following domains: student-faculty interaction, effective teaching practice, quality of interactions and supportive environment.

Create ‘charters’ for individual module leaders to sign up to, the charter can be mutually agreed but would include:

A commitment from the participant to:
• Undertake professional development, suggested commitment is a digital badge (25 hours).
• In response to data, co-design and implement a feedback innovation together with students.
• Co-present with a student on the experience, e.g. as part of the institute’s CTEL Community of Practice seminar series and co-create a short video summary of the experience.
• Demonstrate a willingness to co-author a journal article through student partnership.

Top down:
• Provide supporting workshops, e.g. ethical applications, partnership workshops by NStEP
• Enable processes such as the creation of a staff/ student liaison committee.
• Curate a series of seminars and Community of Practice events on the initiative themes allowing each idea an opportunity to disseminate practice
• Use the initiative outcomes to inform policy and process development and improvement.