Strategic Use of Assessment for Success (SUAS)

The Initative Team

Initiative Lead
Limerick Institute of Technology

Primary Contact
Brendan Murphy

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Strategic Use of Assessment for Success (SUAS) is an initiative between AIT-LIT which will enable a collaboration for student success, using Authentic Assessment for and as Learning. SUAS will use a data analytics tool (Power BI) to extract evidence from the National Survey of Student Engagement data, to guide decision making for targeted innovations to improve assessment practices.

Through engagement with key stakeholders, this collaborative learning enhancement initiative (LEI) will identify and develop a range of supports to enable the use of best practice principles for assessment design. Current best practice will be also be captured for dissemination across our AIT-LIT Consortium. These approaches will inform the design of reliable and authentic assessment specific to disciplinary domains.

It is envisaged that the collaborative initiative will lead to outputs that improve assessment policy at the Institutional Level and enhance assessment literacy for heads of faculty, academic staff and students. Depending on the evidence that emerges from the data, and the associated analysis thereof, initiatives may include:
• Review and development of enhanced assessment rubrics
• Review and development of enhanced feedback mechanism
• Development of resources and capacity for the design of continuous assessment and open book exams
• Preliminary review of literature and current practices in examination proctoring