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Declan Courell

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The rural location of our College campus was a limiting factor in recent years, until the installation of fibre broadband in 2017. This was quickly followed by enhanced wifi connectivity on campus in August 2018, enabling access to a wide range of online tools and applications.

Appreciating that we are teaching and learning in a digital world, we are ready to maximise the fantastic facilities we have to embed the use of technology in teaching, learning and assessment. With teacher education, nurse education and disciplinary education on campus, there is ample scope for teaching and learning enhancement within and across disciplines with the ultimate aim of student success.

In response to requests for staff development, we intend leading a series of professional development opportunities for teaching staff. We will further explore the various available technologies with staff insights and reflections of the teaching and learning process, in a structured and supported environment. We have some great ambassadors in place already and their expertise and reflections will be leveraged in a mentoring capacity. Following consolidation of learning, it is hoped that this will lead to new learning as technology will be introduced to areas of teaching and learning heretofore experienced without technology.

Through Academic Showcases, students will be supported and encouraged to critique and evaluate the various uses, new developments and available technologies and their functions and demonstrate their use in Home Economics/ Education/ Nurse education in a structured workshop format.