Simulation in Nursing and Midwifery (SINM) Project


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University of Limerick

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Dr Liz Kingston

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This T&L initiative is a Simulation in Nursing and Midwifery (SINM) project that introduces simulation technology pedagogy into Year 4 BSc Nursing and BSc Midwifery programmes at University of Limerick.

Aligned to the Teaching and Learning Practice pillar of the DELTA Framework (National Forum 2019), this student centred approach supports nursing and midwifery students in transition to the clinical internship component of their BSc programmes.

The SINM project aims to achieve greater student engagement during this transition time, leading to improved critical thinking, clinical decision-making and problem solving skills. Over the duration of one semester, students of three identified nursing modules and one midwifery module, designed to consolidate learning and prepare students for clinical internship, will actively engage with simulation technology pedagogy during clinical skills teaching.

This student centred, technology enhanced pedagogy will focus on active, collaborative, experiential and flexible learning, using real life co-created clinical scenarios, high fidelity mannequins and standardised/simulated patients (SPs), achieved through the introduction of professional actors.

Through the recording of these simulated scenarios, student reflection, self assessment, peer performance review and debriefing with peers and facilitators will be achieved. This will support students to consider alternative and improved approaches to nursing and midwifery care delivery.

Staff and students (n=125) will evaluate the scoping initiative via feedback and focus group interviews, with findings contributing to future evidence based pedagogy. Evaluation will determine sustainability, potential impact on clinical practice, and capture student learning experiences along with staff teaching experiences, thus providing useful insights for nurse and midwife educators.