Roadmap Enabling Student Success Project

The Initative Team

Initiative Lead
National University of Ireland Galway

Primary Contact
John Hannon

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This initiative will enable the newly established Student Experience Executive (a partnership with academic, student and professional service representation) to augment and optimise student success for students.  This inclusive process will provide a clear roadmap to support transitions and cultivate belonging, provide relevant training and scope the use of enabling technologies.

Work Package 1:
• Map the NUI Galway student journey, identify key transition points, enablers of success and ‘pinch points’ in order to make recommendations regarding student support and developmental opportunities.
• Build on the current quantitative evidence base on NUIG student success (e.g. extensive in-house surveys and and augment this with extensive qualitative engagement via consultation with a diverse cohort of 100 NUIG students and the Students’ Union.
• Develop an improved, elongated, blended approach to student Orientation / Induction. Align academic skills / support, social and wellbeing support to enhance student engagement, knowledge and skills for success.

Work Package 2:
• Build the effectiveness and capacity of academic and professional service staff to maximise opportunities to cultivate belonging, particularly peer support and peer-assisted learning. To include:
• Identification of the continuing professional development needs of our staff and students in relation to provision of peer support, particularly in a blended learning environment.
• Training in relevant areas, with a particular focus on coaching and building student and staff resilience.
• Explore, pilot and make recommendations regarding opportunities for Artificial Intelligence (AI) / bot technology to provide relevant learning and wellbeing information and skills.
• Evaluation, communication and reporting on the impact of the initiative.