Re-Making the Creative Arts Canon, Re-Imagining the Creative Arts Curriculum

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National University of Ireland Galway

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Patrick Lonergan

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This T&L initiative brings together more than 100 NUI Galway students at undergraduate and postgraduate level working in Music, Film, Drama, English, and Digital Humanities. Together with our partners in Druid Theatre, Irish Theatre Institute, Contemporary Music Centre and Galway Music Residency, we will work together to address the neglect of key figures from the Creative Arts Canon (as performed by arts organisation) and the Creative Arts Curriculum (as taught in universities).

Using NUI Galway’s extensive archival collection and other resources, our students will identify neglected or forgotten Irish female playwrights and Irish composers. They will create new editions of those artists’ scripts (in English and Irish) and scores, which will be published online and made available to our creative arts partners as well as the broader public. They will stage a festival of forgotten Irish artists in November and December 2020 (the closing months of Galway’s year as European Capital of Culture). That event will include two stage plays (one of which will be performed in Druid’s Mick Lally Theatre), two concerts, and a student-led conference. As well as being important artistic creations in their own right, those events will be also be usable as resources for future teaching and performance events.

These activities will take place in at least six credit-bearing modules and will result in a new set of online resources that can be used both as teaching material for future classes, and for professional arts performances.