Operation Integration through a Living Lab

The Initative Team

Initiative Lead
Waterford Institute of Technology

Primary Contact
Niamh Murphy

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The aim of the initiative is to promote integration through a ‘Living Lab’ model, where student ambassadors partner with faculty to develop sustainable solutions that optimise the use of physical and virtual teaching and learning spaces.

This will be addressed under the themes of:
• Engagement and student partnership
• Evidence based decision making

The following shortfalls as identified by studentsurvey.ie data are addressed:
• The ability to solve complex real-world problems (31%)
Students will work with faculty to explore how learners currently perceive and utilise their learning spaces, how they would ideally like this to be, and finally, negotiate a feasible sustainable action plan to optimise the use of spaces.
• Working with other students on projects/assignments (35%)
The team will comprise of 3 undergraduates; 2-3 postgraduates; SU Welfare Officer.
• Working with academic staff on extracurricular activities (8%)
Two lecturers from the School who will act as ‘Operation Integration’ moderators to support the students as we co-create and co-design an action plan.
• Discussion of course topics/ideas/concepts with academic staff outside of the class (14%)
The School will soon have ‘pods’ – a space where stakeholders can work collaboratively on this project.
• Provision of opportunities to be involved socially (32%)
Students will have a ‘protected day’ from class to attend a co-designed event that addresses a topic of interest.
• Attendance at events that address important social, economic or political issues (19%)
This event will be relevant to curricula, addressing cross-disciplinary, global health issues.