Mary Immaculate College Local Enhancement Projects


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Mary Immaculate College

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Dr Laura Costelloe

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Based on consultation with A Flourishing Learning Community: MIC Strategic Plan 2023, review of internal and external student survey data (including Student Evaluations of Teaching, Exit Surveys and ISSE) and engagement with senior management and MIC Students’ Union, LEAD (Learning Enhancement and Academic Development) at Mary Immaculate College is committed to supporting local enhancement projects which are aligned to the following themes:

(1) Using Feedback to Support Student Learning;
(2) Designing for Learning
(3) Technology Enhanced Learning

It is well documented in the literature that the provision of timely and effective feedback is a key factor in supporting student learning; however, effective feedback practices – including promoting student engagement with feedback, peer feedback and the use of technology-enabled feedback – can be particularly challenging in the context of large group teaching. Consequently, LEAD will fund and profile LEPs which focus on piloting and implementing innovative feedback practices, particularly approaches which are suitable for large groups of learners and which utilise the affordances of technology enhanced learning.

Furthermore, Pillar 2 of A Flourishing Learning Community: MIC Strategic Plan 2023 includes a commitment that ‘Academic programme development procedures will be enhanced’. To that end, LEAD has developed a new programme design/development workflow, involving institution-wide stakeholders in the learning design process. LEAD will identify and support individuals and small teams to engage in learning design initiatives and to pilot the new programme design/development workflow.