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The Initative Team

Initiative Lead
Institute of Technology Sligo

Primary Contact
Perry Share

Initiative Budget


Initiative Type


These local enhancement projects are designed to enhance student success at IT Sligo. Student success is broadly conceptualised, but in this context projects will address one or more of the following:
First Year Experience
• Development of communities of learning and institutional belonging amongst specific groups of students
• Positive integration of academic and other aspects of students’ lives (paid/voluntary work; sport and leisure activities; caring responsibilities; other interests etc.)
• Development of professional/vocational identities amongst student groups
• Development and support of growth mindsets amongst students
• Use of data to enhance student success

Projects may focus on curriculum development; methods to facilitate learning; development of new types of student support; supports for particular categories of student; participatory learning activities; student research

Types of activities that will be supported
• Evaluable interventions
• Desk research and report
• Seminar/webinar series
• Presentation of papers to conferences in the field of learning and teaching and/or student success
• Collaborative activities with student organisations, clubs or societies
• Collaborative actions with other HEIs

Key features:
• Evaluable: indicators, baseline
• Student voice: must be part of project
• Collaborative: within institute/with external partners [academic/support collaborations particularly encouraged]
• Report: published on IT Sligo Student Success website
• Dissemination: seminar/webinar
• Impact: mainstreaming/sustainability