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Niamh Plunkett

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The IT Sligo Strategic Plan; Compact Document; LTA Strategy and ISER Report panel response all acknowledge the action required to implement Universal Design for Learning (UDL) across all HEIs. In 2021 HEA funding for students with disabilities will be aligned with HEI compliance with UDL.

We have a wide diversity of students, for whom the attrition rate suggests that the traditional approach to teaching and learning is not working. Supporting staff across the Institute to build greater capacity to design their curriculum and teaching practices to ensure a good student experience and robust academic standards is a key step in achieving retention.

This project will focus on each distinct discipline to ensure that UDL is effectively implemented within specific curriculums. By engaging and supporting staff through creating communities of practice, we can build trust, support and resources to ensure effective and positive implementation of UDL across each discipline. Staff from each of the ten departments (including HoD) will have the opportunity to attend UDL workshops and attain Digital Badge in UDL. Two staff who complete the UDL digital Badge must submit a minimum of one module each to be audited against the UDL and Inclusive Assessment toolkits. Prior to each case study, students will be encouraged to provide feedback to engage our students’ voice in UDL development. Each faculty will have a team lead that participants can approach for advice and direction. Our focus is on having each discipline as a ‘mini project’ culminating in developing an Institute wide approach to UDL across all curriculums.