Innovative Means of Promoting Positive Engagement of Students, Staff and Stakeholders

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Waterford Institute of Technology

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Dr Suzanne Denieffe

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The strategies of WIT and its School of Humanities focus on student engagement and accessibility of teaching and learning practices as priorities. Under this T&L initiative, the School of Humanities are undertaking three distinct yet complementary projects which seek to promote this engagement:

Language Learning: Understanding the Student and Employer Needs

In response to the Department of Education’s call for increased collaboration between employers and HEIs in the area of curriculum and programme design 1, this project sets out to identify ways in which the needs of industry and the opinions of students can help to inform curriculum development in the area of languages and so promote engagement with language learning.

Engaging Arts Students through Extra-curricular Activities

This initiative will create both generic and Arts-based resources designed to address issues of student engagement and social connectedness outside of the classroom. These resources will be evaluated with a view to implementation across the Institute.

Transforming the Student Handbook: Engaging in a Visual Culture

This project will use infographics as a means of making the content of the student handbook more visually stimulating and accessible. Information such as the programme outline, module descriptors, assessments and marking criteria will be presented in an attractive and clearly understandable manner where students can absorb and digest the information easily. While initially focusing on the student handbook for two programmes (including one with the Irish Prison Service), a template will be generated which can then be applied to the other programmes within the School and Institute.