Enhancing Online Learning and Assessment

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St Angela's College - NUI Galway

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Declan Courell

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Assessment of Online Learning: With the imposition of Emergency Remote Teaching, academic staff have proven their adaptability and commitment to embracing digital learning. Thanks to support from the institution’s ICT Department, academic staff were provided with a range of training opportunities to use digital tools to enhance teaching, learning, assessment and real-time communication and collaboration.

Much emphasis and priority have been placed on the transition from face-to-face to online teaching and the practical digital skills required for same. The digital competencies of staff, especially in the use of relevant platforms, have now developed to such an extent that they can focus further on pedological approaches to online learning and assessment.

• Effective online communication and collaborative workflows in working with External Examiners.
External Examiners cannot visit the College to meet with stakeholders and review programme assessment materials due to travel restrictions. As a result, academic staff identified the need for systems and processes related to the sharing of assessment-related documentation to be enhanced.

• Further development of Digital induction for 1st year students
The staff experience has been that a base level of digital competence amongst incoming first-year students cannot be assumed.
The College provides introductory sessions to incoming students on the use of the College ICT systems. With the increased use of digital technologies, an induction programme offering more sessions is planned to contribute further to student success.