Enhancing Blended Learning in Anatomy Education

The Initative Team

Initiative Lead
Trinity College Dublin

Primary Contact
Dr. Denis Barry

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This initiative addresses Goal 3 of the Trinity Strategic Plan, 2020-25 ‘practicing next generation teaching and learning’.  It aims to enhance the Department of Anatomy’s blended offerings through the digitisation of historic and radiographic teaching resources. These will complement existing teaching practices, including cadaveric practical labs and didactic lectures. The following content will be digitised to promote engaging and interactive student learning experiences.
• Historical gross anatomy teaching materials, including preserved cadaveric specimen, posters, bones and models originally prepared and labelled by anatomists and doctors, dating back to the late twentieth century and which display unique perspectives of the human body and anatomical insight.
• Radiological resources that support the teaching of anatomy modules: ‘Thorax, Abdomen and Pelvis’, and ‘Head and Neck’. Hospital radiological partners will be engaged to source and interpret radiographs.

The student experience will be enhanced as the digitisation of this content will increase the discipline’s blended learning capacity promoting student engagement and understanding of the body’s core systems.

Radiology will signpost the medical significance of anatomy learning as the interpretation of radiology is reliant on anatomical knowledge and represents a key component of modern clinical diagnosis.

The introduction of rare and underused historic teaching tools in digital format will also support the current lecture and practical curriculum as they reveal key insights into the human body and still retain significant pedagogical value. Students will have the opportunity to engage with this e-learning content in their own time and pace suiting individual learning styles.