Enabling Inclusive Assessment Practices at UCC

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University College Cork

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Dr. Laura Lee

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With the advent of wider participation in Higher Education, we need to ensure that Learning and Teaching practices reflect the increasing diversity present in the classroom. Students can include lifelong learners, international students, first generation students, students with disabilities and mature students. This initiative aims to support our increasingly diverse student population by creating a professional development resource for staff on inclusive assessment.

This initiative is predicated on the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) approach, which is designed to improve the educational experience of all students. Underpinned by neuroscience and cognitive psychology, UDL encourages the flexible design of curriculum and assessment and supports students to become more autonomous, self-directed learners.

• To support staff to ensure assessment practices are inclusive of all students.
• To provide a development pathway for staff engaging in the introductory UDL badge as well as collating good practice examples to enhance CIRTL’s accredited LandT courses.
• To integrate the UDL Framework into all aspects of teaching and learning in support of an inclusive university.


• Creation of a professional development offering for staff relating to inclusive assessment.
• Alignment of staff development offering with existing UCC Assessment policy, group work policy, UCC 2022 Strategic Pivot.
• Piloting of emergent materials and resources with staff.
• Collation of good practice examples of inclusive assessment.
• Tool/Checklist for staff to use when designing or reviewing assessments.
• Short guide to navigating the assessment procedures in UCC with a UDL lens.
• Collation of de novo case studies on how to implement inclusive assessments based on mentored work with staff members seeking to modify existing assessment.