Designing an Implementation Strategy for the Internationalisation of the Home Curriculum

The Initative Team

Initiative Lead
Athlone Institute of Technology

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Michelle McKeon-Bennett

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The fundamental principle underpinning Internationalisation at Home is that all students should be offered global perspectives within their programme of study, regardless of whether they spend time abroad.

This Learning Enhancement Initiative (LEI) will devise and pilot a model for the implementation of an internationalised home curriculum, with the aim of ensuring that current and future programmes incorporate international and intercultural perspectives. Key actions to be undertaken in this LEI comprise:

• A review of international best practice with regard to internationalisation of the home curriculum;
• Consultation with experts in the field;
• The design of an audit to determine the extent to which culturally diverse perspectives are explicitly evident in the programme and module learning outcomes of an existing programme; to be carried out in consultation with colleagues in the Faculty of Business and Hospitality;
• Collaboration with colleagues to identify opportunities for increased internationalisation of the home curriculum, to include:
• Internationalising learning outcomes and assessment at programme, course and module level;
• Designing teaching and learning activities and assignments that model inclusive practice, underpinned by the principle of Universal Design for Learning;
• Integrating with informal (co-)curriculum activities across the Institute and fostering inclusive engagement with international students and members of the wider community from diverse cultural backgrounds;
• Exploring opportunities for virtual mobility and collaborations.

An evaluation and refinement of the process, resulting in a model for internationalisation of the home curriculum, will be used to inform the review of current programmes and the design of future programmes across the Institute.