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Dublin City University

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Mark Glynn

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This initiative will address assessment practice and policy (with a particular emphasis on programme assessment).  It is driven by a number of different considerations – the impact of modularisation, an over-reliance on traditional modes of assessment and a robust response to challenges to academic integrity.  Modularisation has resulted in fragmented assessment practices that may lack coherence when viewed from the perspective of the learning journey of the student; modes of assessment have not always responded to students’ changing learning environments; and the necessary adaptation to remote assessment has brought new threats to academic integrity.

The initiative will map programme level data relating to assessment across each of ten programmes drawn from across our five faculties, examining our existing assessment design processes.  This pilot will inform the enhancement (and development, where necessary) of current quality assurance (QA) processes such as peer review processes and the rollout of continuing professional development (CPD) activities to enhance the quality of assessment within our programmes. 

This initiative involves both student and academic staff voices from each of the five faculties; with this partnership in the development of assessment policy being key to its success.