Data-enabled Student Success: A Framework for DkIT

The Initative Team

Initiative Lead
Dundalk Institute of Technology

Primary Contact
Moira Maguire

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This initiative will develop and implement a strategy and framework for DkIT to support the use of data to enable student success. This will include identifying and agreeing principles and questions; agreeing priorities; reviewing/developing associated policies and procedures; developing guidance on ethical issues; identifying data needs and auditing available data; agreeing actions, reporting and feedback processes; and providing resources to support implementation. It will focus on maximising the value of the data that exists within the institution, identifying priorities, key questions and actions.

The initiative will be rooted in the national understanding of Student Success and informed by national and international best practice. It will draw on resources available through the National Forum’s Data-Enabled Student Success Initiative (DESSI), the Online Resource for Learning Analytics (ORLA) and the Student Success toolkit that is currently under development. The development and implementation for the framework will be rooted in ongoing, meaningful consultation with all stakeholders. Implementation will be further supported with resources, training and professional development.