Creating Co-Creation: Working Together to Enhance the Learner Experience

The Initative Team

Initiative Lead
Institute of Technology Carlow

Primary Contact
Gina Noonan

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‘Creating Co-creation’ is an initiative to support local enhancement projects with the overarching view of supporting the learner and enhancing their experience.

Co-creation as a pedagogical concept is one that promotes learner empowerment (Ryan and Tilbury, 2013) and is one of many terms used to describe the active nature of learners, focusing on the notion of exchange within the learning process. Although sometimes seen as a concept that exclusively describes the relationship between teaching staff and learners, co-creation can and should have a broader interpretation, as a collaborative process (Cook-Sather, Bovill and Felten, 2014). This initiative supports projects from across the Institute, that embrace co-creation in all institutional relationships and contexts, creating a richer and deeper learning experience for all.

A number of small funding grants will be allocated as part of this initiative to collaboratively explore ways in which to enhance teaching and learning. One of the conditions of funding support, is that each project will clearly outline how it reflects the concept of co-creation and a collaborative approach to learning. The funding will provide an opportunity to support all staff and students to engage with a teaching and learning related initiative, particularly those who are new to such engagement. It demonstrates a commitment by the Institute to build capacity in teaching and learning, particular as we look towards the development of a Technological University (TU) and to encourage co-creation as an underlying principle of the future organisation.